Developing your own betting application using our guides and documentation often involves about a week's worth of effort due to the complexity of the logic involved. To streamline this process, we developed an SDK for quicker application development.

SDK provides a comprehensive collection of useful React hooks and utilities for creating your own betting application, eliminating the need to worry about the tedious setup details.


In the future you can meet these types and in order not to repeat, we'll provide descriptions here.

  • Selection: Represents the user's choise, main data for bet and odds calculation, etc.
  • Outcome: Specific data, such as the user's bet (BetOutcome) that includes Selection.
type Selection = {
  conditionId: string | bigint
  outcomeId: string | bigint
type BetOutcome = {
  selectionName: string
  odds: number
  marketName: string
  game: GameQuery['games'][0]
  isWin: boolean | null
  isLose: boolean | null
  isCanceled: boolean
} & Selection

Npm Package (opens in a new tab)


Here (opens in a new tab) you can look how to use SDK in project.