The Azuro Vision

The Azuro Vision

The human desire to take risk for a potential gain is getting bigger and is more widespread than ever. A generation of degens within and outside of crypto is upon the world. A bet was one of the first forms of contract used by ancient people.

Azuro enters the space with the mission to break down the barriers, creating a protocol dependent on community participation and ownership. A piece if critical on-chain infrastructure which acts as a black hole for liquidity for decentralized predictions & gaming.

Just like how for the Coinbase's and Binance's of the world we need Uniswap's & GMX's, so for the's we need decentralized alternatives. These alternatives will be utilizing Azuro's open markets and games humming behind the scenes.

Azuro’s approach to concentrating liquidity can deliver much deeper liquidity vs any centralized options. Azuro's tooling & oracle solutions will be utilized by any blockchain, starting with EVM-compatible ones. And Azuro's open design will allow anyone to launch a prediction site/app with no upfront costs and zero risk management capacity needed. And launch in just a few hours!

Yet, if we are to bring the next billion users on-chain - even this may not be enough. There must be real feature innovation and big UX advancements. The on-chain variant of the industry has to be wild! Leveraging crypto's strengths such as composability, open design and financialization of all applications and wrapping it with risk-taking opportunities... It's the most ripe environment for additional risk overlays on top of existing games, apps, markets, metaverses and the likes.