Azuro Waves
Wave #1

Wave #1


Start of Wave 1: 11:00:00 UTC June, 26th, 2024


User airdrop reward for Wave 1 = {Total airdrop reward} * ( {User wave points} / {Total wave points} )

Points rules

Predictions/betting (opens in a new tab)Х points = {Bet sum} * min( {Odds}; 10) / 5
e.g. 1 point = $2.5 bet at odds of 2 (European odds format)
Liquidity Provision (opens in a new tab)1 point = $400 in LP/day
DEX pair LP (opens in a new tab)1 point = 400 AZUR in DEX pair/day
1 point = 0.2272 WETH in DEX pair/day
1 point = 80 USDT in DEX pair/day
$AZUR Staking (opens in a new tab)
(excl. unbonding)
1 point = 400 AZUR staked/day
Ecosystem support activitiesAd-hoc. To be announced separately whenever such rewards are to become available.

The points for LP, AZUR staking, and DEX pair LP are awarded once a day. A minimum holding period of 24 hours is required for the deposits to qualify for the points. The points for predictions/betting are awarded after 100-300 blocks from the time the bet was placed. All bets placed during the Wave are included, regardless of their outcome and resolve date.

Points multipliers

Levels multiplier

Level IDLevel nameLevel multiplierPoints needed
2Bluex1.25 000
3Ultramarinex1.320 000
4Brightx1.450 000
5Brilliantx1.6200 000
6Royalx2500 000

Your points are multiplied by the multiplier associated with the Level you have, for as long as you have it.

After the completion of the Wave you will keep your Level minus 1 for the next wave. I.e. if your level at the end of the Wave was for example Ultramarine, you will have the Blue level for the next Wave.


If you do not see your level in the Waves tab in the Azuro App, make sure to click the ENHANCE button. You can do this at any stage within the Wave. However, if you never do it and the Wave ends - you will not have any Level Multiplier points.

Leaderboard multiplier

Making it into the weekly leaderboard gives you point multipliers (applicable to the points you generate in that particular week).

Weekly leaderboard positionMultiplier