Azuro Roadmap


I. Infrastructure & Tooling for Apps on Azuro

1️⃣ Support for Social / Political Events

In addition to sports prediction markets, the Azuro oracles will add social and political events, including presidential elections, social events, financial and economic metrics, awards, music charts, web3 events, and more.

2️⃣ Live Betting

Azuro has recently developed the Live betting feature and made it available for the Apps to integrate. As of now, live predictions are in public beta testing, accounting for 5% of total volume. Azuro expects that live predictions will take up a 70% share of all prediction types in the future.

3️⃣ Games-of-chance Platform

The games-of-chance onchain platform will allow independent game developers to plug games into Azuro protocol’s liquidity layer and application tooling. This will result in a library of easily integrated onchain games of chance for all applications using Azuro. On one side - game developers get a distribution/monetization channel for their games and on the other hand applications will have many more user products to integrate easily into their apps. All in all this will allow builders to expand their user monetization & engagement opportunities significantly.

4️⃣ Plug-and-play UI Solutions for builders

These solutions will allow anyone to launch prediction apps, including Telegram bots, in one day, without needing deep software development expertise. These white-label-like solutions will contain full-scale UI templates and the complementary code to bootstrap frontend development on Azuro.

II. Liquidity Solutions

1️⃣ Loans on LP Positions

Currently, anyone can add liquidity to Azuro pools and earn attractive yields on stablecoins across different chains. Soon, liquidity providers will be able to use their positions in the pool as collateral to obtain loans in stablecoins, accessing a considerable amount of their position value.

2️⃣ Smart Liquidity Allocation

The solution will allow for idle liquidity in the pools intended for backing predictions volume to be automatically reallocated to major DeFi protocols (like e.g. Aave or Curve). Liquidity Providers (LPs) will benefit from higher returns due to the improved efficiency of Azuro's liquidity pools.

3️⃣ Leveraged and Fixed Rate Liquidity Provision

Azuro will enhance the existing liquidity provision model with several sub-products, such as: cascade liquidity provision which enhances potential returns through automatic leverage and re-staking into the same liquidity pool; Senior and Junior liquidity provision that allows for low-risk/fixed APY and high-risk/increased variable APY.


1️⃣ Governance

AZUR will be used to vote on governance proposals on matters regarding the Azuro protocol, such as General risk management frameworks, New product prioritization, Ecosystem and Community grants, The rewards distribution mechanisms for protocol participants, Infrastructure integrations, and others.

2️⃣ Safe Oracle

The protocol currently uses an optimistic approach with our oracles, trusting the data regarding event outcomes. Azuro will enhance this system with a dispute resolution mechanism, increasing security by allowing token holders to challenge event resolutions.

3️⃣ Cross Chain Liquidity / the Azuro Network

Concentrating liquidity will advance Azuro’s goal of becoming the source of truth for many of the prediction markets on sports and other events in the world. This approach will allow having the deepest liquidity on many of the most popular sporting and social markets thus making Azuro the de-facto pricing oracle for these markets, across web3 and web2 alike.


1️⃣ Staking via ZEM

The staking rewards are generated via the Azuro Zero Emissions Model (ZEM). They are not derived from net new token emissions.

2️⃣ Predictions in $AZUR

An AZUR Liquidity Pool with zero odds-spread. A pool in the native token with no house edge, thus powering the most appealing prediction markets for price-sensitive users, in the world.

3️⃣ The SuperCombo Game

Participants can predict 15 different events packaged as a combo bet using USDT (or another stablecoin) for a chance to win a big Jackpot in AZUR (if they hit all 15). The game is powered by AZUR holders staking their AZUR in the dedicated SuperCombo liquidity pool, earning stablecoin rewards from user activity. The game will be developed in several variants incl. a Memecoin variant where participants predict how 15 memecoins will rank between each other in performance on a weekly basis.

4️⃣ Azuro Ecosystem Rewards V2 

Currently the Azuro economy is flat allowing only one reward level for applications/frontends. Rewards V2 aims to introduce a tiered rewards distribution system through a dynamic AZUR bribing mechanism.

Horizontal scalability

I. Omnichain Expansion


New infra partnerships and integrations.

II. Ecosystem Development

1️⃣ Launch of the Azuro Ecosystem Growth Fund

The Fund will support the development of features for the Azuro protocol and contribute to the ecosystem expansion.

2️⃣ Introduction of the Affiliate/Referral Program Tooling for frontends

A new addition to the Azuro ecosystem, offering traffic-attribution & management services to frontends.

3️⃣ Launch of the Azuro Hub

A platform where builders can find teammates or ready-made solutions for their needs all within the ecosystem