The main infrastructure of the protocol is formed by the following smart contracts:

  • Factory. Contains functions for deploying Pools and associated Betting Engines. Owned by Azuro DAO.
  • LP. Serves as the main entry point for a Pool's logic. This contract contains all the core logic of the Pool and the liquidity for providing bets. Owned by its creator.
  • Access. Enables the Pool's owner to control access to the pool's contract functions. Owned by the Pool's owner.
  • Betting Engines. Encompass the logic of creating Conditions, accepting bets, computing payouts for bets, and calculating Rewards. These contracts can be connected to the Pool by its owner in an unlimited number. Owned by the Pool's owner.

Additional tools that do not affect the Pool's logic:

  • Freebet. A tool that enables granting freebets to any user.
  • SafeOracle. Azuro dispute resolution system for Condition results.