Azuro Score

The Azuro Score Airdrop


Also referred to as “Community Airdrop 1”

Community Airdrop 1 comes in 2 snapshots:

Snapshot 1, taken at 23:59:59 UTC, June 10:

  • $AZUR pool 1 of 19,000,000 tokens distributed linearly towards Azuro Score
  • $AZUR pool 2 of 31,262,000 tokens distributed linearly to Azuro Score connected to using Azuro-powered apps (betting)
  • $AZUR pool 3 of 3,000,000 tokens distributed linearly towards Azuro Score received in Phase 1.
  • $AZUR pool 4 of 3,000,000 tokens distributed to the top 3,000 addresses (1,000 each) ranked by consistency. Consistency was measured in number of weeks in which the address has used any Azuro-powered app. This however amounted to 3,484 addresses, 541 of which had exactly 6 weeks of activity. Therefore, in order to determine the 57 addresses who make it into the 3,000 - they were ranked by points received for LPing.
  • $AZUR pool 5 of 738,000 tokens distributed to 738 addresses (1,000 each) which held testnet NFTs.
  • In total 50% of tokens are unlocked at TGE, 50% are vested linearly over 183 days, block by block.
    • all tokens up to 1,000 are fully unlocked. This means 43,459 addresses receive more than 50% unlocked tokens. To balance this the 2,207 top receiving addresses receive 45% unlocked and 55% vested.
  • Azuro Score holders who have received their score via the Polygon and GnosisChain drops but have never interacted with the Azuro Protocol on mainnet have been excluded.

Snapshot 2 comprises the period between 00:01:00 UTC June 11 and 00:03:00 UTC June 26:

  • $AZUR pool 6 of 3,000,000 tokens linearly distributed towards Azuro Score received in this period.
  • Tokens are vested linearly over 183 days, block by block.

Please find the distribution list for Snapshot 2, containing the addresses with the amount of points and tokens they received, below.

Snapshot 2 Distribution
Address List

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