Overview of AZUR

Overview of AZUR

Token StandardERC-20
Contract Address0x9E6be44cC1236eEf7e1f197418592D363BedCd5A
Total Supply1 billion
Initial Circulating Supply152 million
DEXUniswap V3

The Role of AZUR

  • Governance: AZUR will be used to vote on governance proposals on matters regarding the Azuro protocol, such as General risk management frameworks, New product prioritization, Ecosystem and Community grants, The rewards distribution mechanisms for protocol participants, Infrastructure integrations, and others.
  • Predictions in AZUR: an AZUR Liquidity Pool with zero odds-spread. A pool in the native token with no house edge, thus powering the most appealing prediction markets for price-sensitive users, in the world.
  • The SuperCombo Game: participants can predict 15 different events packaged as a combo bet using USDT (or another stablecoin) for a chance to win a big Jackpot in AZUR (if they hit all 15). The game is powered by AZUR holders staking their AZUR in the dedicated SuperCombo liquidity pool, earning stablecoin rewards from user activity.
  • Azuro Ecosystem Rewards V2: currently the Azuro economy is flat allowing only one reward level for applications/frontends. Rewards V2 will introduce a tiered rewards distribution system through a dynamic AZUR bribing mechanism.
  • Staking: staking rewards via the Azuro Zero Emissions Model (ZEM)