Azuro Score
Azuro Score
Azuro Score points will be convertible into $AZUR tokens after the $AZUR token is launched

$AZUR token is launched. The Azuro Score program has ended. No new points will be awarded in Azuro Score from June 26th onwards. Data endpoints will remain accessible until July 1st. The Azuro Score program is being replaced by the new Azuro Waves program

How to earn Azuro Score points?

Bet using frontend dApps

(find them on (opens in a new tab))

Score=$ amount of the bet× odds of the bet×5 \begin{array}{l} &\text{Score} = \$ \text{ amount of the bet} \times \text{ odds of the bet} \times 5 \ \end{array}
  • Example: a user makes a bet of $10 at odds of 3 (European odds used for the example). Points are calculated like this: 10 * 3 * 5 = 150 points
  • All bets count. For combo bets - the final odds of the combo are used for the multiplier.
  • The max odds mutiplier is 10. I.e. if the odds of the bet or combo are above 10, then they are counted as 10 for the Azuro Score multiplier.
  • For previous settings check here (opens in a new tab).
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Provide liquidity

1 USDT/XDAI liquidity for 1 increment of time = 1.05 points (i.e. $1 liquidity provided for 2 increments (at least 14 days) = 2.1 points; and so on…)

  • 1 increment of time is 7 days. Only full increments count.
  • There is no restrictions on adding/withdrawing liquidity. The points are calculated according to the total amount of time liquidity has been provided for.
  • Score points are updated/attributed once per day at midnight UTC.
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Test Live betting and report bugs

Read our bug reporting guidelines, test one of the scenarios, describe your issue and earn Azuro Score points. For more details, see our Live Betting Test Challenge.



As of the start of Azuro Score Phase 2, a Weekly Leaderboard is introduced! It allows top Azuro Scorers every week to gain multipliers or boosts to their points. The weekly leaderboard resets every Sunday midnight at 00:00 UTC.

Check your Azuro Score and your place in the Weekly Leaderboard here (opens in a new tab).

If you want to show leaderboard in your UI, please follow this guide.