Staking and DEX LP Incentives

Staking and DEX LP incentives


Staking AZUR enables you to earn DOUBLE rewards in AZUR and partner’s tokens.


The AZUR staking rewards are generated via the Azuro Zero Emissions Model (ZEM). They are not derived from net new token emissions.

1. Staking Rewards

If you stake before June 26, 2024, you will earn 7.5% staking rewards in AZUR. Reward distribution will happen between 21.07.24 and 25.07.24.


To be eligible for 7.5% rewards, you should start staking before 26.06 and keep your tokens staked until at least 19.07. You are free to stake any amount of tokens.

2. Sophon farming program (coming soon)

Staked AZUR will be be eligible for Sophon’s farming program. You will be able to use your staked AZUR to farm Sophon. Rewards in the program are in Sophon's native token $SOPH and several other tokens (to be announced by Sophon, soon).

More information on when this starts and how it works will be added shortly.

How to Stake:

  1. To check your allocation and stake AZUR, go to Azuro App (opens in a new tab)

If you aren’t finding your tokens in the Airdrop section, check the Vesting section - they might be there.

  1. Stake AZUR in the AZUR Staking (opens in a new tab) section of the app.

DEX LP Incentives

By participating in the DEX LP Incentives program, you can earn rewards distributed over a 90-day period.

Starting at TGE: 6,000,000 tokens will be allocated over 90 days.

Distribution Rate: Equal distribution block by block, resulting in 66,667 tokens per day or 2,778 tokens per hour.

To participate in the DEX LP Incentives program, follow these steps:

  1. Add Liquidity
    • Provide liquidity to the ETH/AZUR pair on Uniswap.
  2. Stake Liquidity Tokens
    • Stake the liquidity token (NFT) received from Uniswap in the Azuro App.


Unstaking is available at any time. There is no unbonding period.