Azuro Score
Azuro Score
Azuro Score points will be convertible into $AZUR tokens after the $AZUR token is launched

There is no token on the market yet, beware of scams!

How to earn Azuro Score points?

Bet using frontend dApps

(find them on (opens in a new tab))

For users with Azuro Score <=100,000$ amount of the bet * odds of the bet * 10
for users with Azuro Score >100,000$ amount of the bet * odds of the bet * 5
  • Example: a user with Azuro Score less than 100,000 makes a bet of $10 at odds of 3 (European odds used for the example). Points are calculated like this: 10 * 3 * 10 = 300 points
  • All bets count. For combo bets - the final odds of the combo are used for the multiplier.
  • The max odds mutiplier is 10. I.e. if the odds of the bet or combo are above 10, then they are counted as 10 for the Azuro Score multiplier.
  • For previous settings check here (opens in a new tab).
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Provide liquidity

1 USDT/XDAI liquidity for 1 increment of time = 1.05 points (i.e. $1 liquidity provided for 2 increments (at least 14 days) = 2.1 points; and so on…)

  • 1 increment of time is 7 days. Only full increments count.
  • There is no restrictions on adding/withdrawing liquidity. The points are calculated according to the total amount of time liquidity has been provided for.
  • Score points are updated/attributed once per day at midnight UTC.
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As of Nov 10, 2023, liquidity added to the Polygon USDT pool earns 3x the Azuro Score points (i.e. 3 * 1.05=3.15) ! This boost will remain in place at least until the Polygon pool hits 7M USDT in size!


As of the start of Azuro Score Phase 2, a Weekly Leaderboard is introduced! It allows top Azuro Scorers every week to gain multipliers or boosts to their points. The weekly leaderboard resets every Sunday midnight at 00:00 UTC.

Check your Azuro Score and your place in the Weekly Leaderboard here (opens in a new tab).

If you want to show leaderboard in your UI, please follow this guide.