Azuro Score
Azuro Score
Azuro Score points will be convertible into $AZUR tokens after the $AZUR token is launched

There is no token on the market yet, beware of scams!

How to earn Azuro Score points?

Bet (using https://bookmaker.XYZ (opens in a new tab) or other frontend dApps)

For users with Azuro Score <10,000$1 bet = 10 points
For users with Azuro Score between 10,000 and 20,000$1 bet = between 10 points and 1 point according to this formula:
(1(AzuroScore/100001))9+1(1 - (\sqrt{AzuroScore / 10000 - 1})) * 9 + 1
for users with Azuro Score >20,000$1 bet = 1 point
  • Only bets made (time of bet transaction) after Feb 16, 00:01 UTC, 2023 count.
  • Score points are attributed immediately after the settlement of the betting markets. Betting on canceled events/markets will not give points.
  • For previous settings check here (opens in a new tab).
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Refer friends (to https://bookmaker.XYZ (opens in a new tab))

You can get up to 15% of the Azuro Score points your friends earn each month. Read more here (opens in a new tab)

Provide liquidity

1 USDT/XDAI liquidity for 1 increment of time = 0.3 points (i.e. $1 liquidity provided for 2 increments (at least 20 days) = 0.6 points; $1 liquidity provided for 35 days = 0.9 points; and so on…)

  • 1 increment of time is 10 days. Only full increments count.
  • There is no restrictions on adding/withdrawing liquidity. The points are calculated according to the total amount of time liquidity has been provided for.
  • Only liquidity providers (addresses) adding liquidity after Feb 15, 00:01 UTC, 2023 (when Azuro pools were opened to the public) can receive points. If the LP (address) was LPing before this point in time (i.e. private liquidity) - it is excluded from Azuro Score points.
  • Score points are updated/attributed once per day at midnight UTC.
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The Azuro Score is live since 16 Feb, 2023 00:01 UTC You can check your score here (opens in a new tab).