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Live Betting Incentivized Testing

Live Betting Incentivized Testing 🏆


Important Update: this challenge is completed. For the second wave of the Incentivized Testing, go to the Second Wave page.

Welcome to the Azuro Live Betting Test Challenge! Your participation will help us deliver the first live betting experience onchain, ever. This page provides all the details you need to participate in the test, report issues, and earn rewards. All rewards are in Azuro Score points!

Overview of the Challenge 🌟

Objective: Help us identify and resolve potential issues in live betting by participating in targeted testing activities.

Getting Started: Choose an activity from the testing scenarios below and follow our guidelines to help us, all the while earning Azuro Score points.

Testing Scenarios 🧪

Category 1: Stress Testing

How to participate: Follow our stress testing schedule to see for which events there will be rewards.

Task: Place a high number of bets on an event from the list to stress test the workload capacity.


Important Note: Do not use DDoS attacks; only legitimate betting activities will be rewarded.

Category 2: Bet Testing


Important Update: since 24/04/2024 only live bets placed in USDT on Polygon and Gnosis mainnet will be rewarded with Azuro Score points. Live bets placed in AZUSD won't be eligible for rewards anymore.

How to Participate: Engage in various test scenarios outlined below, and report your findings using our GitHub issue form (opens in a new tab). Your insights are invaluable in helping us improve!

  • Cheat Bet: Try placing a bet right after the outcome of an event is already known (e.g. you manage to place a bet that a goal will be scored, right after the goal has been scored already).
  • Odds Discrepancies: Report any instances where our odds significantly differ from other platforms.
  • System Flaw Exploration: If you find any exploitable flaws in the system, let us know.
  • Bug Patterns: Look out for any patterns in bet acceptance, especially incorrect data or delays in transaction confirmations.

Reporting Issues 📝

How to Report: Found an issue? Report it using our GitHub issue form (opens in a new tab). The questions provided in the form will guide you through the reporting process.



  • Provide Clear Details: When reporting an issue, include clear descriptions, steps to reproduce, and any relevant screenshots or logs.
  • Separate Issues: Please create separate reports for each testing scenario you explore.

Rewards 💰

  • For stress testing, details about how points are calculated and distributed will remain confidential to avoid bots and useless sybil activity.
  • For all the scenarios in the bet testing category, you can earn points based on the severity and impact of the bugs you report. Our team will assign Priority Level labels to the submitted issues, you will receive the appropriate amount of points within 10 days of the Accepted issue.
  • Priority Levels:
    • Critical (10 000 000 Azuro Score points)
    • High (2 000 000 Azuro Score points)
    • Medium (1 000 000 Azuro Score points)
    • Low (100 000 Azuro Score points)
    • Already reported (0 points)
    • Not an issue (0 points)

Where to Place Live Bets 🏠

<Apps to place live bets on will be announced soon>

How to Place Bets on Live Events 🎲

  1. Open the betting app.
  2. Look for the "Live" tag next to the matches that are currently being played.
  3. Decide which outcome you want to bet on.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to bet in the betting slip. The system will display the maximum bet amount allowed (if you’re entering a larger sum) and calculate the possible win based on the odds.
  5. Review your bet to make sure you have selected the right match, bet type, amount, and potential winnings.
  6. Confirm your bet by clicking "PLACE BET" (or a similar button). You may need to confirm the transaction through a wallet extension or mobile app.
  7. After placing your bet, you can track it under "My bets" or a similar section on the betting platform.

Thank you for your participation in the Live Betting Testnet. Your efforts are crucial in helping us provide a seamless and robust betting experience. Let's work together to make live betting better for everyone!