The Factory contract contains functions for deploying Pools and Betting Engines associated with them. It stores the addresses of the BeaconProxy contracts for LP, AzuroBet, Access and all available types of Betting Engines. The list of Betting Engines types available for deployment is determined by Azuro DAO, and currently includes only the PrematchCore contract, but soon it will be supplemented by BetExpress.


All contracts deployed via Factory belong to the account that deployed them. Only the pool owner has access to add new Betting Engines to the pool.

The process of creating a Pool involves deploying an LP contract responsible for the main pool's logic, along with an Access contract that manages access policies to the LP and the associated Betting Engine contracts. When a Betting Engine is plugged in, its contract instance is deployed, and if the contract logic permits it, an AzuroBet contract is also deployed to manage the betting tokens on it.

Simplified diagrams of how the Factory contract works and the Pools created using it: