A tool that enables granting freebets to any user

This contract does not affect the logic of a Pool's contracts

The Freebet contract enables users to place freebets on any PrematchCore contract. Each Freebet has specific attributes, including a denomination, expiration time, and minimum betting odds requirement. Additionally, each Freebet contract is limited to a particular affiliate address to offer freebets exclusively to their customers. It's important to note that when a freebet wins, the bettor receives only the difference between the winnings and the original bet amount.

Key Features

1. Bet Placement

The Freebet contract handles everything related to placing the granted bet on behalf of the user.

2. Withdraw Winnings

Users can withdraw their winnings from the LP through the Freebet contract.

Limitation to Affiliate Address

To ensure that freebets are granted only to specific customers, the Freebet contract restricts the distribution to a certain affiliate address.

Claimable Feature

The Freebet distribution process is cost-effective for frontend operators. Customers will cover the gas fees for the bet transaction, and the claim fee will be included as part of this process. This reduces the operational costs associated with distributing freebets.

For more detailed information on how to distribute freebets, please refer to the Freebets Distribution Guide.