Case Studies
Chiliz: sports & entertainment flagship chain

Chiliz: sports & entertainment flagship chain

Chiliz: fast chain with dedication to sports

Chiliz Chain is a Layer-1, EVM-compatible blockchain using Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA). It is a fork of BNB Smart Chain, offering minimal block times, low gas fees, and energy efficiency. With 11 validators, it provides a fast and scalable node infrastructure.

Chiliz, the creator of Fan Tokens and (opens in a new tab), the leading fan engagement app, aloows fans to connect with top sports teams like FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, and Manchester City. With over 2 million wallets, the ecosystem continues to grow, offering rewards and engagement for fans.

With the expanding userbase of sports fans on the Chiliz chain, integrating sports prediction markets via Azuro's dApps creates a truly symbiotic relationship, which is bound to boost the onchain sports ecosystem.

The reasons for choosing Azuro

  1. Capitalize on the rapidly expanding onchain prediction market.
  2. Empower developers to innovate within the sports and gaming sectors.

Azuro protocol is an easy access point for developers to connect with the Chiliz Chain and build new apps that will run on the chain and use its native token $CHZ. Azuro fucntions as a bridge that connects chains to predition apps, on the one hand, and to real-world data, on the other. Azuro plugs into any EVM-chain and gives dApps tooling to integrate the prediction markets supported by the liquidity pool and the Azuro oracle.

Integration process

Azuro connected to Chiliz Chain within 10 days.

The integration process consisted in several steps:

  1. Deploying the Azuro contracts on the Spicy Testnet and the Chiliz Mainnet.

Spicy Testnet can now be used as a development environment to test dApps, alongside Polygon Amoy. All predictions in Azuro-powered prediction apps on Chiliz Chain will be paid using a wrapped $WCHZ token of the native $CHZ token.

  1. Connecting the Chiliz network to PRC Proxy and the Graph for querying and data indexing purposes.
  2. Supporting Chiliz at the Azuro backend.
  3. Updating the AzuroSDK and documentation to include Chiliz.
  4. Adding the Chiliz liquidity pool into the Azuro app.


The integration will enhance the capabilities of Chiliz and Azuro ecosystem developers within sports-focused prediction dApps. Both new and existing builders using Azuro's infrastructure will now be able to connect their apps to the Chiliz Chain.

“Integrating with Azuro marks a pivotal move for Chiliz Chain to capitalize on the rapidly expanding onchain prediction market,” said Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz and (opens in a new tab). “Leveraging Azuro’s advanced infrastructure, we’re empowering developers to innovate within the sports and gaming sectors.”