Case Studies
BoxBet: an app within an app

BoxBet: an app within an app

Tell us about your project

BoxBet, a decentralized iGaming ecosystem on Telegram, has made remarkable strides in just three months of operation. Offering sports betting, jackpot, and lottery, it's gearing up to introduce casino games, further broadening its appeal.

  • In this short time, BoxBet's innovative app, featuring parlay and copy betting, has already secured over $1.4 million in betting volumes and generated revenues surpassing $1 million.

  • The platform's market capitalization impressively stands at $18 million, with a staggering +100,000% ROI for BXBT.

  • The engaged community boasts a 72% success rate across 14,000+ bets, with significant milestones like a record $15,142 single bet and a 3.57% token buyback and burn.

With over 1700 BXBT holders and a growing online presence, BoxBet is rapidly establishing itself as a significant player in the iGaming industry, all within an impressive three-month timeframe.

Why did you choose Azuro?

The beauty of Azuro's system, as utilized by platforms like BoxBet, lies in its guarantee of zero interference with payouts. By conducting all betting activities on-chain and managing transactions through smart contracts, Azuro ensures a level of fairness and transparency that centralized operators cannot match. This approach eliminates the possibility of withheld or delayed winnings, providing players with the confidence that their earnings will be distributed promptly and fairly, a cornerstone of Azuro's commitment to revolutionizing the iGaming experience.

Azuro in BoxBet's strategic objectives and future vision

Azuro's system, with its guarantee of zero interference in payouts, perfectly aligns with BoxBet's long-term vision of delivering a best-in-class product that users enjoy and trust. By leveraging the transparency and fairness inherent in Azuro's decentralized framework, BoxBet is poised to offer an unparalleled iGaming experience that not only meets but exceeds user expectations, ensuring a seamless, enjoyable, and trustworthy betting environment.

Lessons learned from the integration that could be valuable for other apps

Implementing Azuro's system necessitates substantial technical expertise. While the ongoing development of the SDK promises to simplify integration into a more user-friendly, one-click process for operators, the current state of integration demands careful planning and should not be hastened. It's essential to allocate sufficient time to ensure a smooth integration. Additionally, Azuro offers a compelling revenue-sharing model for front-end platforms. It's crucial to design your system with the capability to capitalize on this revenue share, optimizing your platform's financial benefits from partnering with Azuro.