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Secod Wave: Live Betting Incentivized Testing

Second Wave: Live Betting Incentivized Testing

Welcome to the Second Wave of Azuro Live Betting Test Challenge! The second wave is rewarding issues that are found only on the mainnet (Polygon and Gnosis). This page provides all the details you need to participate in the test, report issues, and earn rewards. All rewards are in Azuro Score points!

Overview of the Challenge 🌟

Objective: Help us identify and resolve potential issues in live betting by participating in targeted testing activities.

Getting Started: Choose an activity from the testing scenarios below and follow our guidelines to help us, all the while earning Azuro Score points.

Testing Scenarios 🧪

How to Participate: Engage in various test scenarios outlined below, and report your findings using our GitHub issue form (opens in a new tab). Your insights are invaluable in helping us improve!

  • Cheat Bet: Try placing a bet right after the outcome of an event is already known (e.g. you manage to place a bet that a goal will be scored, right after the goal has been scored already).
  • Odds Discrepancies: Report any instances where our odds significantly differ from other platforms.
  • Bug Patterns: Look out for any patterns in bet acceptance, especially incorrect data or delays in transaction confirmations.

Reporting Issues 📝

How to Report: Found an issue? Report it using our GitHub issue form (opens in a new tab). The questions provided in the form will guide you through the reporting process.



  • Please mind that Azuro cannot fix issues arising due to frontends' / UI problems. Therefore, only those reports that concern Azuro backend or smart contract work will be accepted.
  • Provide Clear Details: When reporting an issue, include clear descriptions, steps to reproduce, and any relevant screenshots or logs.
  • Separate Issues: Please create separate reports for each testing scenario you explore.

Rewards 💰

You can earn points based on the severity and impact of the bugs you report.

Bug severity Levels:

  • Critical (10 000 000 Azuro Score points)
  • High (2 000 000 Azuro Score points)
  • Medium (1 000 000 Azuro Score points)
  • Low (100 000 Azuro Score points)
  • Already reported (0 points)
  • Not an issue (0 points)