Getting Started

Tutorial "Build your own betting dApp"

About this tutorial

Our detailed tutorial covers everything you need to build a betting website on the Azuro protocol, from environment setup to frontend development. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, our tutorial is designed to help you build a fully functional betting website.

Here is an example of the final result: https://github.com/Azuro-protocol/azuro-tutorial-app (opens in a new tab).


This tutorial assumes you have basic knowledge of JavaScript, React (Next.js), GraphQL and Web3.

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If you have questions about anything related to Azuro Protocol or this tutorial, you're welcome to ask our community on Discord (opens in a new tab). Use #tech-talks (opens in a new tab) channel.

Tutorial contents

  1. Setup a project

    • Setup a new Next.js application that will serve as the basis for the project.
    • Install all the necessary dependencies required for the project to function correctly.
  2. Prepare users to connect their wallets

    • Implement a Web3 wallets connector that will enable users to connect their wallets to the application.
    • Create a UI button that will allow users to connect their wallets to the application.
  3. Create a page with sport events

    • Configure the GraphQL environment to enable the application to retrieve data regarding sports events.
    • Display a list of sport events that users can select and view details on.
  4. Create a sport event page

    • Create a dedicated page for each sport event that displays the available markets and odds buttons.
    • Implement functionality that automatically updates the odds values to reflect changes in real-time.
  5. Place a first bet

    • Implement smart contracts logic that enables users to place bets on the selected sports event.
    • Create an interface that allows users to place bets by selecting the desired market and entering the desired amount.
  6. Create a bets history page

    • Create a dedicated page that displays a list of all the bets placed by the user.
    • Implement logic that enables users to claim their winnings if they placed a winning bet.